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Screen Printer

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Electrostatic Screen Printing, Electrostatic Screen Dusting Machine

Model KZ-1 Automatic continuous
Electrostatic Screen Printer
Model T-1 Table-top Electrostatic Screen Printer
Printing on a steamed bread Tiramisu Coated with cocoa

Specifications of Printer

Printing Motion
Size of Machine
Power Source
Printing Size
every printing cycle
Printing Capacity
Size of Printing Objects
Automatic Continuous Printing
3,200L x 750W x 1,600H
3-phase 200V 25A(MAX.)
60 x 60
0.8 - 1sec/pce
4,500 - 3,600pcs/h
below 100
Printing is manually done.
400L x 400W x 500H
AC100V 0.5A
390 x 520
Printing of 48pcs of cokies each having 50mm dia. in a cycle
3 - 390 x 520


This electrostatic screen printer jets an ink made from a natural pigment on the surface of food by means of static electricity to print figures, logotypes, characters, etc. directly on the surface of food in a non-contact fashion.


  • Direct Printing on Food Surface
    Possible to print patterns and characters directly on the surface of food.
  • Printable on Any Surface in Non-Contact Fashion
    Printing on an object in a non-contact fashion allows printing on any object that has been impossible in a conventional manner, such as rough, concave, convex, soft, wet, oily, or powdery surfaces.
  • Safer than Natural Color
    Inks made from natural pigments are safe and odorless.
  • Low Cost
    The ink cost for printing on a piece of cookie of 50mm dia. is about 0.15 yen per pce.
  • Installable in Production Line
    The printer can be incorporated in your existing production line to make an on-line system.


Printable on any object that has been impossible in a conventional manner.

  • Products with concave, convex, rough and curved surfaces
    Baked Cookies, biscuits, crackers, wafers, sponge cakes, wafer crusts, buns, steamed buns, candies, carbonated candies, rice cookies, bread, hamburgers, etc.
  • Products with soft, oily, wet and powdery surfaces
    Cookies, unbaked dough, unbaked cakes, ice cream, chewing gums, tofu, baked egg, jellies, puddings, thin tofu fries, satsumaage fries, hams, sausages, chikuwa, hampen, rice cakes, etc.
  • Coating of edible powder on the surface of food by electrostatics(capable of coating without scattering powdery materials)
    Powdered cocoa, powdered sugar, powdered green tea and other powder
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